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Modernize your AR-15 with the X-15 SCU (Side Charging Upper). The billet machined X-15 SCU is a revolutionary leap forward in non-reciprocating side charging design that improves where others have left off. A true drop in system that allows for the use of a mil standard bolt without machine modification. The only change is the installation of a special cam pin in your bolt which is included with the X-15 SCU. The system is designed to work with .223 300 black and 9mm. The versatile upper is compatible with all popular calibers and all standard and non-standard AR lowers. Each unit is machined and profiled to work with all M4 pattern upper forend rails that are designed for use on mil spec uppers. Unlike other side charging uppers that place the charging handle in line with the bolt the X-15 SCU mechanism is elevated to work with the modified cam pin. The new location improves accessibility when using a delta ring or an increased diameter forend rail. The non-folding charging handle design allows for easy accessibility when using a Delta ring oversized rail or simply operating the weapon while wearing gloves. Experience has proven that fixed charging handles work better and are easier to operate in rapid deployment situations. The elevated charging handle also allows proper operation of your bolt hold open when manually operating and is profiled to use a modern remote bolt hold open without interference. The left hand port is covered which prevents gas leakage from suppressor use and shrapnel from entering the shooters face when in operation. (Trust us this is a must have.) The rear of the upper is covered with a spring loaded flip up door that lifts to remove and replace your bolt. The bolt drops in and doesn't require special operation to install the charging handle. When in operation the charging handle does not hit the firearms stock thus allowing the user to install an elevated cheek piece for better cheek weld that can be used in the collapsed or extended position. Additionally M4 feed ramps are machined into the upper for enhanced and reliable feeding. The right hand side of the receiver has a special feature where you can mount a picatinny rail for a small sight that is concentric with the bolt and allows the shooter to operate the gun from a lowered position decreasing the shooters exposure up to 50%. X Products is currently developing a small onboard computer that mounts to this rail. The computer will calculate rate of fire rounds shot and bolt performance to determine if your firearm is failing from debris or excessive gassing (estimated release early 2017). System Includes: Complete upper Cam Pin and Side Mount Rail Installed with a Lifetime No-Hassle Warranty

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